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The Antelope Camera Universe


At Antelope Camera Systems, we understand that our customers care not only about reliability and operational ease, but also about preserving the value of new investments. We design all our products to be as compatible and interchangeably as possible, resulting  in a unique camera UNIVERSE providing the maximum compatibility between controllers, fiber converters and camera heads. 


For us, it is therefore a given to also support cameras from third-party manufacturers that our customers may already own. Our controllers support all Antelope Cameras as well as the Phantom V642, the Phantom FLEX and the Atom One cameras.  Our Cobra Link fibre converter is available in versions for high-speed cameras, 12G, 3G and also as a tiny system for mini high-speed cameras.

Because of this interchangeability Antelope equipment is easy to use and excellent in holding its value in future.

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