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Special Cameras

The Ultra-Slowmotion camera is extremely small and can be placed directly in the playing field - almost invisible. Comes with a tiny periscope lens and an angled mirror that rises only 7mm from the ground. The Dirt Cam submerges itself into the ground without damage when a player steps on it.

Wireless Dirt Cam

Periscope Optics provides new Perspectives

Submerges itself into the Ground

Can be equipped with different Nucleus Camera Heads

Developed for Baseball live Broadcast

A custom-made adjustable bracket enables mini cameras to be placed in the net's corner, swiftly self-restabilizing after impacts.

In-Goal Corner Netcam

Extremely Small

Swiftly Self-Restabilizing

Housing tiny POV-Cams

Developed for Soccer

Upgrade for existing Bradley Netcam heads including fiber transmission and camera control and special wideangle protection glas.

Ice Hockey Netcam

Custom-made Wide Angle Protection Glass

Fully Remote Controllable

Fiber Transmission

Developed for NHL

A custom-made cover for the Nucleus Pico to protect from sun, rain and mechanical shocks. Optimized shape to dive in and out the net of a goal to get close as possible to the action. Developed for jib-arms.

TNT "Through net technology"- In-Goal camera housing for Jib Arms

Extremely Small

Developed for Jib-Arms

Protects from sun, rain and mechanical shocks

Developed for Soccer

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