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Our Services

Image by Tatiana Conde

We are known as a manufacturer of  premium quality high speed miniature and ultraslowmotion cameras. Our technology allows you to find new point of views in live broadcast.  Hide a slo-mo camera in a goal post, on a basketball hoop, underwater, on the finish line, on the volleyball net, in the lawn or any other unusual place. 

Electrical Engineer

We not only adapt our products to your existing systems, but we also develop broadcast accessories that are not yet available according to your specifications. Whether miniature remote head or miniature crash box, we integrate our cameras including complete remote operation.

Image by Artiom Vallat

We develop our own camera controllers because we understand the importance of easy operation, and especially fast slow motion playback in live broadcast. This has resulted in a wide range of broadcast accessories that are also compatible with third-party manufacturers. (such as Atom or Phantom cameras).

You are planning your next live TV broadcast ?

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