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Antelope Cameras

The Nucleus Pico miniature slow motion and live broadcast camera system captures UHD images at an amazing 250 FPS and 480 FPS in FHD. The system is not only optimized for highest broadcast image quality, but also for its amazingly small size. This not only allows the Nucleus Pico camera head to be hidden very close to the action, but together with the extreme slow motion replay also offers new angles and never seen before details

Triggerless HDR Ultra Slow Motion

Nucleus Pico

250 FPS @ 2160p50/60

>120 min Triggerless Recording

>10 km Signal Transmission

Introducing an exceptionally compact UHD and HDR mini POV camera, encased in a robust aluminum housing, designed to meet the demands of professional broadcast and film productions

Extremely small Size

Antelope Iron

2160p60 signal via one 12G cable

1"HDR sensor

fully remote controllable

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