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Antelope Iron

Extremely small Size

Antelope Iron

• 2160p60 signal via one 12G cable

• 1"HDR sensor

• Fully remote controllable

Introducing an exceptionally compact UHD and HDR mini POV camera, encased in a robust aluminum housing, designed to meet the demands of professional broadcast and film productions

Antelope Iron

Antelope Iron stands out as a cutting-edge and versatile mini camera in the broadcast market, thanks to its compact size and lightweight design, coupled with a high-resolution 1" HDR sensor. It offers swift and hassle-free setup, full remote control capability, and comprehensive features including color adjustments, gamma curve options (REC709, HLG, PQ), as well as iris and focus control.

Tech Specs

    SENSOR 1” - 16,1mm - CMOS

    PIXEL AND RESOLUTION - 4112x2186- 3,45um - 8.95MP

    SHUTTER - Global

    POWER - 11-28V - 3.2W@12VDC

    INTERFACE - Single Link HD-SDI - 3G/12G


    OUTPUT - 4K/UHD/1080P/i up to 60fps

    MOUNT - C- mount

    SIZE AND WEIGHT - 44mmx44mmx50mm - 50g


    COOLING - passive

Meet the Antelope Iron: Redefining Mini Cameras for Broadcast and Film Production

The Antelope Iron is a groundbreaking mini POV camera that redefines the possibilities of compact camera technology. Here's what sets it apart:
Ultra-Compact Size: The Antelope Iron boasts an incredibly small form factor, making it ideal for tight spaces and creative shooting angles.
Crisp 2160p60 Signal: Transmit stunning 2160p60 video signals with a single 12G cable, ensuring top-tier image quality for your productions.
1" HDR Sensor: Capture your visuals in breathtaking detail and dynamic range thanks to its high-resolution and sensitive sensor.
Remote Control: Enjoy full remote controllability, enabling seamless adjustments and operation from a distance.

The Antelope Iron reimagines what's possible in the world of mini cameras, delivering exceptional performance, flexibility, and control for your production needs

Antelope Iron

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