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Wireless Dirt Cam

Developed for Baseball live Broadcast

Wireless Dirt Cam

• Periscope Optics provides new Perspectives

• Submerges itself into the Ground

• Can be equipped with different Nucleus Camera Heads

The Ultra-Slowmotion camera is extremely small and can be placed directly in the playing field - almost invisible. Comes with a tiny periscope lens and an angled mirror that rises only 7mm from the ground. The Dirt Cam submerges itself into the ground without damage when a player steps on it.

Wireless Dirt Cam

It was developed for baseball live broadcast. It became very famous as Ozzie Albies discovered it during a World Series game.

Tech Specs

    Get in touch for more details, please.

The Dirt Cam from Antelope Camera Systems is the perfect camera for rough use. It is rugged, waterproof and dustproof and can withstand extreme conditions.

Wireless Dirt Cam

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