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Antelope OCP

Remote Controller for Shading/Painting

Antelope OCP

Easy to use

Quick access to all functions

Connects via IP or RS232 serial port

The Antelope OCP is a control panel for all available Antelope cameras which provides fast and easy access to all required functions.

Antelope OCP

Direct access via encoders to main functions like RGB Gain, RGB Pedestal, Master Pedestal, Saturation and iris control.

Tech Specs

connects via IP or RS232 serial port
powered with 12-18V via a pin 4 XLR connector

This product is designed to be integrated into broadcast productions and offers an intuitive usability.

The device connects via IP or RS422 serial port to our cameras and is powered with 12-18V via a 4 pin XLR connector.

Antelope OCP

 Compatible Products

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