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Nucleus Control Panel - NCP

Nucleus Remote Controller for Slo-Mo Control

Nucleus Control Panel - NCP

Intuitive Slow-Motion controller

Lever and jog shuttle

IP control

The NCP is a control panel for our Nucleus server system which provides fast and easy access to all required functions to control the playout of the slo-mo.

Nucleus Control Panel - NCP

Tech Specs

IP control
High precision jog wheel
Lever to control replay speed
control of 2x camera heads
intuitiv design for slow motion operators

Introducing the NCP (Nucleus Control Panel) - Slow motion control panel for Nucleus cameras

The NCP is designed with one goal in mind: to provide slow-motion operators with a fast, efficient, and user-friendly control solution.

Key features include:

High Precision Jog Wheel: Achieve unparalleled precision in controlling your slo-mo playback with our high-precision jog wheel.

Lever for Replay Speed Control: Fine-tune the replay speed to perfection using the conveniently placed lever on the panel.

IP Control: Seamlessly integrate into your workflow with IP control capabilities, offering flexibility and connectivity.

Control of 2 Camera Heads: Manage two camera heads effortlessly, giving you complete control over your slow-motion shots.

Intuitive Design: The NCP's intuitive design ensures that slow-motion operators can quickly and easily access all the necessary functions for seamless playout.

Experience the future of slow-motion control with the NCP – where precision meets simplicity.

Nucleus Control Panel - NCP

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