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Broadcast Ultra Slow-Motion 

 Mini POV Cameras and High-Speed solutions

Antelope Camera Systems is an equipment manufacturer for broadcast and feature film technology. Specialized on mini cameras and high-speed solutions. Imaging solutions for sport, live action, feature and documentary. Stunning new slow-motion perspectives with the world's smallest live highspeed camera Antelope Pico and Nucleus. ​​

  • Miniature Slow Motion

  • Unusual Point of Views

  • 4K/HD Live Broadcast 

  • Full Remote Control

  • Spectacular Footage

  • Compatible 3rd Party Equipment

  • Remote Control Shading/Painting

  • Slo-Mo Remote Control

  • Touchscreen Controller

  • Real-Time Highspeed Deflicker

  • Fiber Conversion

  • 4K/HD Live Broadcast 


We are specialized in designing and developing professional broadcast solutions to your requirements.

Antelope Systems Custom Development
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