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The Kraken Connect is a versatile and flexible control interface providing IP, lens control, data conversion and PoE for mini cameras. Smart connection of multiple cameras and adjustable serial ports provide an easy setup for a seamless broadcast integration.

Kraken Connect

Minicam control

Lens control


Smart Camera Connection

A custom-made cover for the Nucleus Pico to protect from sun, rain and mechanical shocks. Optimized shape to dive in and out the net of a goal to get close as possible to the action. Developed for jib-arms.

TNT "Through net technology"- In-Goal camera housing for Jib Arms

Extremely Small

Developed for Jib-Arms

Protects from sun, rain and mechanical shocks

Developed for Soccer

Lens motor to remote control any miniature lens

Motor Drive

Remote Control Focus, Iris, Zoom

Universal Lens Motor

The Antelope COLIBRI is a unique REAL-TIME deflicker solution compatible with highspeed camera systems of all brands.

Colibri Deflicker

Supported framerates 70-800 fps

Video input 1x HD-SDI in

Video output 1x HD-SDI out processed & 1x HD-SDI out loopthrough

Real-Time Highspeed Deflicker

Universal Lightweight Camera Mounting Plate

Antelope Mounting Plate

Perfect for mountig mini cameras

Universal Lightweight Camera Mounting Plate

The MRCB provides unlimited connectivity to our minicameras.

Antelope MRCB

Connects via IP or 422 serial port

Easy production workflow

Maximum of flexibility

Minicamera Remote Control Box

Antelope Wide Angle Converter 0.66x

Antelope Wide Angle Converter

Swapping quickly between two focal lengths has never been so easy before, just loosen/tighten one screw and attach/detach adapter and you are ready to shoot.

Wide Angle Converter

Universal Lens Gear for C-Mount Lenses

Lens Gear

designed for C-Mount Lenses

Universal Lens Gear

Antelope Motor bracket holding up to two motor drives.

Antelope Motor Bracket

Motor bracket holding up to two motor drives.

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