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Cobra Link Nucleus

Fiber conversion for Nucleus cameras

Cobra Link Nucleus

Fiber conversion for Nucleus cameras
Power via SMPTE
Connection distance more than 1km

Easily link up to 2 Nucleus cameras with the 19-inch 1HU Base Unit, equipped with a hybrid SMPTE connector for seamless transmission of all essential signals to the camera positions

Cobra Link Nucleus

The field unit is housed in a compact aluminum casing, delivering power to the camera with 15V power output, ST fiber connectivity, 12G SDI return signal transmission, and an optional IP connection. Moreover, the system offers an external power output with 15V 6A, accommodating monitors or remote jib arms.

Tech Specs

Base unit

connect up to 2 cameras
12G SDI in with loop out
IP media converter
ST fiber to server
19inch 1 HU

Field unit

switchable power SMPTE/AC in
cam power
SDI out with loop out
ST to cam
IP media converter
power out 15V/6A

Fiber converter with SMPTE connector for power transmission, designed for reliable and compact solutions in broadcast productions. The base unit allows you to connect up to 2 cameras and features 12G SDI input with loop out, IP media converter, and ST fiber connection to the server, all housed in a 19-inch 1U rack-mountable enclosure.

The field unit offers switchable power options via SMPTE or AC input, camera power supply, SDI output with loop out, ST connection to the camera, IP media converter, and an external power output of 15V/6A

Cobra Link Nucleus

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