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Kraken Connect

Smart Camera Connection

Kraken Connect

• Minicam control

• Lens control

• IP-PoE

The Kraken Connect is a versatile and flexible control interface providing IP, lens control, data conversion and PoE for mini cameras. Smart connection of multiple cameras and adjustable serial ports provide an easy setup for a seamless broadcast integration.

Kraken Connect

Links camera to remote control panels, fiber converters, RF units etc.
Adds lens motor control and tally to your minicameras.

Tech Specs

    Serial Communication:
    • RS232/485/422: Choose the protocol that best suits your needs, with flexible baud rate adjustment for compatibility with various equipment.
    • Optional Serial Data Control Port: Expand your control possibilities with an additional serial port (availability may vary).

    Network Integration:
    • IP/PoE: Connect directly to your network via Ethernet, simplifying cabling and enabling remote access and control. Power over Ethernet (PoE) eliminates the need for a separate power supply, streamlining installation.

    Remote Control:
    • Power to Camera: Supply power directly to the camera through the connection.

    Lens Control:
    • Take full command of your lens operations with control over iris and focus motors.

    Tally Out:
    • Integrate seamlessly with tally systems for clear on-air identification.

    Power Input:
    • 12-18V: Accepts a wide range of DC power inputs, adapting to diverse setups.

Introducing the Kraken Connect: Your Versatile Broadcast Control Interface

The Kraken Connect is your all-in-one solution for seamless broadcast integration, offering a range of features to enhance your workflow:

IP Connectivity: Connect your mini cameras effortlessly through IP, enabling smart and efficient camera control.

Lens Control: Take command of iris and focus motors for precise control over your shots.

Data Conversion: Effortlessly convert serial data with adjustable baudrates using the Serial Cam Port (RS232/485/422).

Power Over Ethernet (PoE): Provide power to your cameras via PoE, simplifying setup and reducing cable clutter.

Adjustable Serial Ports: Customize your serial port settings to suit your specific needs.

Tally Output: Stay in the loop with tally output support, ensuring clear communication during your broadcasts.

Versatile Compatibility: The Kraken Connect links your cameras to remote control panels, fiber converters, RF units, and more.

Wide Power Range: Accepting power input from 12-18V, the Kraken Connect is adaptable to various power sources.

Experience the flexibility and convenience of the Kraken Connect – your ultimate control interface for mini cameras in the world of broadcasting.

Kraken Connect

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