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Antelope Compact

Lightweight 2/3" highspeed camera

Antelope Compact

• Frame rate up to 350 FPS

• Resolution 1920x1080

• Sensor 2/3" CMOS

The improved design offers new features such as a touch screen display for a faster change of camera settings and slow-motion control directly at the camera. Increased adaptability allows quick and easy integration for various applications such as wireless handheld setups, cranes or speed rails, also in combination with a large lens adapter connected to a big zoom lens.

Antelope Compact

The Antelope Compact camera utilizes two independent HDSDI Video output channels to deliver spectacular slow-motion clips and a continuous live stream at the same time. Permanent live output on the first channel while providing simultaneous instant slow-motion replays on the second channel turn the Antelope Compact into a very powerful broadcast tool.

Tech Specs

    • 2/3" CMOS for excellent image quality and low-light performance.
    • Full HD 1920x1080 for sharp, detailed images.
    Shutter Speed:
    • Global Shutter (1/25-1/10000s) for capturing fast-moving action without motion blur.

    Video Output:
    • 2x Live and 2x Replay for simultaneous recording and playback.

    • 8GB built-in storage for capturing footage.

    Frame Rate:
    • Up to 350 FPS for stunning slow-motion effects.

    • ISO 640 ASA for capturing video in low-light environments.

    Temperature Range:
    • Operates in a wide range of temperatures (-20°C to 50°C) for adaptability to various conditions.

    • 2300g for portability and easy setup.

    • B4 or C-mount compatibility

    • Intuitive touch screen or remote control via LAN or 422" for flexible operation.

    This camera is ideal for capturing high-quality video in demanding applications, such as:
    • Live sports and events
    • Broadcast production
    • Film and video production

With a weight of 2.3 kilos, the camera can be used cranes, steady-cam, rail systems and remote heads. In combination with fast moving rail systems or cranes the Antelope Compact provides stunning, never seen before images and opens up endless new possibilities. It is fully remote controllable via LAN or RS422 with the OCP and RCP.

Antelope Compact

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